First Baptist Church
Friday, October 31, 2014


As of October 28, 2014
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 In Hospital:
Sympathy To:
Robin Brock and Family in the death of her grandmother
     Ivelyn English
Ruth Sanders and Family in the death of her      aunt,      Katron Moon
Family & Friends of Joe Bridges
Congratulations To:
Bro. Mike and Shirley Flowers on the birth of their 
granddaughter, Annneliese Flowers.  Jonathon and Lisa
Flowers are the proud parents.
At Home
Sandra Parker                                   
Myrt Radney                                       
Ralph Thomas
Shaw Fletcher
Wanda Strickland    
 I will Never Leave You nor Forsake You!
Prayer Pagers
 928-1490  Marion Groover
928-1483  Coralie Patrick
On Mission with God
Those without Christ & Those Unchurched
Rendell & Teresa Day, Nepal 
Jackson Street Ministry
FBC Group to Haiti ~ Nov. 22 - Nov. 26 
 Spiritual Renewal
Commitments to Prayer & Cleansing
Continued Going Deeper with God
Church Leadership
Staff and Deacons
Sunday School TeachersMinistry and Committee Leadership
Our Military   
Spencer Aycock, son of Kathy Bishop
Evan Countryman, New York
Carl Johnson, West Point
D. J. Newton, Ft. Bragg
Joey Newton, Ft. Bragg
Brandon Samas, Ft. Gordon
Tal Sheppard, Huntsville, AL
Ty Skala, Ft. Benning
Rebekah Thompson, daughter of Stephen & Deborah      Pinnell
Jay Walker, brother of Christina Walker
Timmy Whitt, Bangor WA
Family & Friends
Sam Aker, nephew of Leslie Crawford
LaVonne Anderson, sister of Ken Norberg
Sally Anderson, mother of Ashley Mixon
James Barnes, friend of Jimmy Nelson
Riley Beal, great grandson of Bill & Carolyn Hancock
Hugh Brock, father of Steve Brock
Summer Burke, daughter of Kathy Bishop
Alma Busby, sister-in-law of Jack Busby
Ryan Carr, friend of John Mixon
Otis Christenburg, cousin of Jim Russell
Bryson Classon, friend of Jimmy Faircloth
Susan Cook, cousin of Bob Beauchamp & Bonny
Sherry Culberson, friend of Paul & Wilma Hendley 
Russ Dozier, grandson of Connie & James Dozier
Faye Eason, sister of Betty Forehand
Dan Enfinger, son of Mike Enfinger
Hannah Eubanks, friend of Marlee Harper
Bill Ewing, friend of many
Mark Forehand, son of Betty Forehand
Frankie Hancock, mother of Bill Hancock
Hazel Hiltabidel, aunt of Bob Beauchamp & Bonny 
Monty & Bethany Howard, friends of Lisa Holloway
Dawn Hughes, sister-in-law of Debra Nelson
Harold & Ginger Huffstutler, cousins of Sandra Fowler
Lawana Hughes, mother of Debra Hughes
Ray Jackson, friend of Jim Russell
Family & Friends Cont.
Patricia Johnson, friend of Nancy Gerlach
Bowen Kilby, friend of Jessica Brown
Will Koopal, son of Bob & Gloria Koopal 
Eunice Lewis, mother of Shirley Flowers
Eunice Nelson, mother of Jimmy Nelson
Ellison Olinger, FBC Preschooler
Myrtice Phillips, mother of Joyce Hall
Harvey Rathel, brother in law of Hazel Rathel
Mac Roberts, friend of Rusty Mauldin
Bonnie Rodgers, aunt of Judy Reece
Annette Sandifer, aunt of Judy Parks
Doshia Scarborough, sister of Myrt Radney
Camryn Sexton, friend of Kathy McCarty
Bob Sherman, brother of Kathi Elliott
Diane Simmons, sister of Jane Fussell 
Gene Steenbergen, brother-in-law of Carolyn Hancock
Bruce Thompson, cousin of Sandra Fowler
Jackson Timmerman, great-grandson of Myrt Radney
Betty Todd, mother of Lisa Holloway
Jane Tomlinson, friend of Rusty Mauldin 
Blaine Vaughan, cousin of Ginger Perry
Matthew Willis, friend of Bill & Gay Sheppard
Bill Wysochansky, friend of Julie Fairbrother
Phil Youngblood, friend of Bob Beauchamp
Dorothy Stanford, Marian Murray, Maudene Scott
Hazel Palmer, Varnell Jones