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      Americus, Georgia

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Tue, May 24, 2016

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As of May 18,  2016
Contact - Kathy McCarty
Prayer Request -


In Hospital
Gail Ariail, Phoebe Sumter
Sympathy To
At Home
Mary Baker                                        
Michael Smith                                   
Jean Moates
Plez Hardin
Charlotte Hargrove
Judy Legg
Joyce Hall
Hannah Adkins
Frank Goodin
Emily McDonald
Pray for Missions 
Richard & Jesse Roberts, Taiwan
On Mission with God
Those without Christ & Those Unchurched
Jackson Street Ministry
Friendship Assoc.~ Harland Kentucky Assoc. Partnership
Our Military   
Spencer Aycock, son of Kathy Bishop
Evan Countryman, New York
Carl Johnson, West Point
D. J. Newton, Ft. Bragg
Joey Newton, Afghanistan
Brandon Samas, Dubai
Tal Sheppard, Huntsville, AL
Jay Walker, brother of Christina Walker
Timmy Whitt, Bangor WA
Family & Friends
Linda Auerhamer, mother of Deborah Pinnell
Betty Baggett, Sister of Evelyn Belcher
Annette Burgess, mother of Ricky Burgess
Al Carter, cousin of Kathy McCarty
Andy Collins, son of Isabelle Collins
Irene Crawford, grandmother of Kyler Crawford
Bonni Creech, daughter of Tinka & John Newman
Marvin Dozier, nephew of Connie Dozier
Kerry Dorman, cousin of Wayne Sprouse
Tonya Fairbrother, daughter in law of Kathy McCarty and
     Julie Fairbrother
Lynn Farmer, daughter of Marianna Holloway
Mark Forehand, son of Betty Forehand
Dwayne & Penny Gay, friends of Fred & Frances Rawlins
Arlene Goolsby, mother of Alanna Goolsby
Carolyn Hancock, former member
Melvin & Lawana Hughes, parents of Debra Hughes
Keumele Keown, niece of Judy Parks
Wayne Layfield, friend of Rusty & Michele Mauldin
Buddy Liggin, father of Lynde Parker
Melissa  Mabery, sister of Michele Mauldin
Wayne & Joyce McDonald, parents of Marty McDonald
Charlie & Beth Meeks friends of Jean Hancock
Steve Miller, friend of Jean Hancock
John Mixon, Sr., father of John Mixon
Beth Mushet, daughter of Marion Hicks
Family & Friends Cont.
Eunice Nelson, mother of Jimmy Nelson
Joyce Nelson, mother of Steve Nelson
Carol Norton, sister of Judy Reece
Johnny Petit, uncle of Michelle Ruffner
Gwen Picquet, friend of Kathi Elliott
Ronnie Ponder, father of Robin Brock
Mickey Powell, grandmother of Michele McKie
Mindy Preston, friend of Evelyn Belcher
Mac Roberts, friend of Rusty Mauldin
Jennifer Robinson, niece of Linda Erkhart
Sharon Roland, friend of James Doggett
Donna Rooks, niece of Mary Ann Parks
Gay Sheffield, sister-in-law of Charles & Ann Sheffield
Margie Shaw, sister of Marie Belcher
Donna Smith, friend of Linda Deriso
John & Jean Stripling, friends of Jimmy & Laura 
Bob Stroop, uncle of Linda Erkhart
Leslie (Missy) Swain, friend of Stephen Pinnell
Kathryn Thomas, sister of Jean Hancock
Dean Turner, friend of Wayne Sprouse
Andy Vaught, nephew of Bill & Kathi Elliott
Zack Watkins,  friend of Chad Brown
Al Williams, friend of Connie Dozier
Phil Youngblood, friend of Bob Beauchamp
Emory Parker, Sr., Dorothy Stanford,
Maudene Scott, Laurie Jackson, Nena Perry