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      Americus, Georgia

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Fri, Mar 27, 2015

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As of March 26, 2015
Contact - Kathy McCarty
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In Hospital 
Sympathy To:
Charles & Ann Sheffield in the death of their grandson,
     Joseph Handelman
Congratulations To:
John & Regina Benson on the birth of their grandson,
     Shaun Michael Trammell, Jr.
I will Never Leave You nor Forsake You!
At Home
Libby Beauchamp 
Ralph Thomas
Cliff Pilcher, Jr. 
Barbara Kitchens
Susanna Fowler
Wes Skipper 
Sandra Parker
Ken Norberg
Prayer Pagers
928-1483 - Coralie Patrick
On Mission with God
Those without Christ & Those Unchurched
Rendell & Teresa Day, Nepal 
Jackson Street Ministry
 Spiritual Renewal
Commitments to Prayer & Cleansing
Continued Going Deeper with God
Church Leadership
Staff and Deacons
Sunday School Teachers Ministry and Committee Leadership
Our Military   
Spencer Aycock, son of Kathy Bishop
Evan Countryman, New York
Carl Johnson, West Point
D. J. Newton, Ft. Bragg
Joey Newton, Afghanistan
Brandon Samas, Ft. Gordon
Tal Sheppard, Huntsville, AL
Jay Walker, brother of Christina Walker
Timmy Whitt, Bangor WA
Family & Friends
Sam Aker, nephew of Leslie Crawford
Brian Allen, friend of Bryan Mauldin
LaVonne Anderson, sister of Ken Norberg
Gayle Baker, daughter in law of Mary Baker
James Barnes, friend of Jimmy Nelson
Riley Beal, great grandson of Bill & Carolyn Hancock
Bill Bittick, uncle of John Mixon
John Branstetter, friend of Jim Russell
David Byrd, Jr., cousin of Chad Brown
Alma Busby, sister-in-law of Jack Busby
Harry Bruno, friend of Jim Russell
Susan Cook, cousin of Bob Beauchamp & Bonny
Irene Crawford, grandmother of Kyler Crawford
Carolyn Daniel, friend of Gail Ariail
Wanda DeWeese, friend of Sandra Johnson 
John Drown, relative of Jim Russell
Faye Eason, sister of Betty Forehand
Dan Enfinger, son of Mike Enfinger
Hannah Eubanks, friend of Marlee Harper
Lynn Farmer, daughter of Marianna Holloway
Mark Forehand, son of Betty Forehand
Carol Grimes, mother of Mark Grimes
Frankie Hancock, mother of Bill Hancock
Joshua Herndon, friend of Keith Collins
Wendy Holloman, niece of Wilma Hendley
Harold & Ginger Huffstutler, cousins of Sandra Fowler
Lawana Hughes, mother of Debra Hughes
Ray Jackson, friend of Jim Russell
Pamela Carson Jenkins, friend of Sandra Johnson
Family & Friends Cont.
Patricia Johnson, friend of Nancy Gerlach
Bowen Kilby, friend of Jessica Brown
Will Koopal, son of Bob & Gloria Koopal
Christy Leroy, former member
Ramona Mallin, mother of Regina Benson
Richard McAfee, cousin of Gloria Koopal
Rev. Tommy McConnell, pastor of County Line
Laura McGray, friend of Marsha Smith
Sophia Muldrow, daughter of Essie Lowe
Beth Mushet, daughter of Marion Hicks
Eunice Nelson, mother of Jimmy Nelson
Ellison Olinger, FBC Preschooler
Victoria Ondo, friend of Linda Deriso
David Pate, cousin of Mary Baker & Ann Busby
Sparky Reeves, friend of many
Brenda Stanfield, friend of Kathi Elliott
Gene Steenbergen, brother-in-law of Carolyn Hancock
J. D. Stripling, friend of Laura & Jimmy Faircloth
Katherine Thomas, sister of Jean Hancock
Bruce Thompson, cousin of Sandra Fowler
Jackson Timmerman, great-grandson of Myrt Radney
Dean Turner, friend of Wayne Sprouse
Steve Turner, brother of Greg Turner
Brunell Tyus, aunt of Keith Parks
Matthew Willis, friend of Bill & Gay Sheppard
Rev. Don Wilson, friend of Connie Dozier, pastor of
     Plains Baptist Church
Jeff Wright, friend of Stephen Pinnell
Kayla York, friend of Michele Mauldin
Phil Youngblood, friend of Bob Beauchamp
Varnell Jones, Dorothy Stanford, Marian Murray
Maudene Scott, Hazel Palmer